Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Establishing its position in the national and international market with the values it possesses, BESIKTAS prioritizes occupational health and safety in the entirety of its activities with the awareness that the input of sustainability of these values is “human” and the most essential requirement for the “human” is “health”. In this regard, our policy includes;

To make continuous improvement in its OHS system by following up the theoretical & practical variations and innovation about OHS on a global basis.

  • By committing to obey the national and international standards, related legal and legislation provisions, to carry out the studies in this direction.
  • To provide added value with OHS applications to the all national and international companies that carry out their activities together.
  • To offer a solution with active approachment for dangerous and risky situations that may occur about OHS in shipyard sectory, to apply, to collaborate with local and general foundations about this subject, to contribute the culture of OHS throughout the country with analytical approchments.
  • To identify the potential all dangers and riskies before to start all its actions, to make risk analyses, to evaluate the results, to change the dangerous one with the non-dangerous one from the techniques, method and materials that used, to give primacy to the methods of collective protection, in this context to prevent the all incidents, occupational diseases, physical injuries and health deteriorations.
  • To ensure all employees to take as principle the goals of zero work accident, zero occupational diseaes and to supply all to act with the consciousness of work safety with the right to stop/suspend the work that they see insecure.
  • To specify the needs of OHS and technical training of all employees, to supply them to have these trainings, to make them to have periodic health check-ups.
  • To ensure that personal protective equipments complies with national and international standards and is CE certified, to create the awareness of “appropriate work-appropriate PPE” between the employees and in this context to provide practical trainings to employees and to support these trainings with visual presantations.
  • To be prepared against to potential hazard and emergency situations, to plan drills and to improve consistently the present system by evaluating the results of drills that carried out.
  • To follow the each study that carried out within the scope of OHS, to intervene in inappropriate situations that may arise, to report and to make preventive actions, in accordance with this purpose to employ OHS personnel, to keep the required materials and equipments ready to use and to make studies to increase the quality of safety personnel.